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Copper Dish

Copper Dish

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This copper dish is in the form of a circle with 30 diameters and the weight in the range of 450 grams which has been enameled by the master Esmaili in Isfahan. The process of making this product was such that the copper dish was made by a metalworker and then designed by the master minakar and placed in the furnace. you can put it as a decoration because the back of this product is a ring for hanging. This plate is available in 3 colors of turquoise, blue and green, and the background of these plates is decorated with colorful serum paints, which have a special effect. enamel or miniature are decorated with metal especially with precious and semi-precious metals such as copper. In general, enamel is the art of soil and fire, which works with metal sparkling colors. The history of this art back to 1,500 years ago and Isfahan is the cradle of this art. The art of pug worldwide has been manifested more than elsewhere, and the oldest examples of pug art in the world's museums have been made by Persian speaking people. The enamel paints are made up of metal oxides that are mixed with glass and then cooked in the oven after being placed on a metal. Gold and silver objects can also be pinned, but basically, enamels are made on copper. This art involves complex chemical interactions and is considered to be a laboratory art. In order to make pots, the enamel artist has a great deal of interest in controlling fire and heat at all stages of production.

Color spectrum: Blue Lagoon
Product weight: 450 g
Body Material: Copper
Dimensions 30cm

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