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Turquoise Bowl for chocolate

Turquoise Bowl for chocolate

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 The chocolate bowl is a container that holds chocolate and is usually placed on the table. This beautiful turquoise chocolate bowl is both decorative and consumable. Its body is made of turquoise and copper colors. this product is the art of master Aghajani from Isfahan that is the center of turquoise worldwide. It is worth mentioning that turquoise cubes are tiled on this product by hand and are of a very high quality. Keep in mind that the body of this product has a brighter appearance than other similar products. Turquoise art has flourished in our country for the past seventy years. The main center of this art and the beginning of its prosperity is in the province of Khorasan and the city of Neyshabur, and after that time, the main center of turquoise from Neyshabur has moved to Isfahan. Although it is not clear that its invention should be due to the efforts of masters or Russian artists. In our country, copper has always had a special place among metalworkers, as in the past, our kitchen utensils were made of copper. One of the main reasons why Persian speaking people are interested in this art is its special beauty because the people have always been paying attention to the decor and the appearance of their surroundings. The art of turquoise is made of handicrafts by making small pieces of turquoise stone mosaics on the surface of dishes, jewelry, and so on. It is noteworthy that whatever the distance between the banged turquoise on the product is less the quality and value is more.

Color spectrum: coppery and turquoise
Body Material: Turquoise, Copper
Dimensions: 24 cm. 26 cm. 28 cm


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