Frequently Asked Questions

1-How can I trust the Golbazar?
Answer: The Golbazar Florist is an online store (send flowers and gifts to all over Iran and most countries of the world), registered in Sweden, and in Iran, it also has the symbol of electronic trust and national registration mark (digital media). Also, our customer comments on Facebook and Instagram can be helpful.

2-Is there any possibility to pay on Golbazar website from abroad?
Answer: it is possible to pay with Visa, master, American Express, PayPal and shetab bank cards in Golbazar from all over the world.

3- Will my order be delivered on time?
Answer: Yes. Your order including flowers, cakes, and gifts will be delivered on your desired date.

4- My order should be sent today, but not delivered yet. What should I do?
Answer: If your order is not delivered on your desired date, let us know immediately to follow up.

5- If I order now, when will the order be delivered?
Answer: Your order will be sent on the date you choose and will be sent to each delivery on the first time

6- If my order is not delivered, will the payment be refunded?
Answer: Yes. We will send all orders on the requested date and according to the time required for preparing them, but if, for any particular reason, your order is not delivered on your desired date, the amount will be refunded to you.

7- I have made an online bouquet shopping cart and gold bracelet on your site. How can I know if my order is delivered to the recipient or not?
Answer: You can contact us and follow your order.  we will send you an email about the delivery of your order.

8. Can I specify the delivery time?
Answer: if the recipient's address was office location, it will be delivered within the administrative time frame and there is a possibility to choose the delivery time for special ceremonies such as a wedding, mourning etc.

9- Is there a guarantee for the quality of gifts, flowers or cakes?
Answer: Yes. If your flowers, cakes, and gifts submitted out of the terms and conditions of the Golbazar florist and do not have good quality, your order will be resubmitted.

10. Is there a possibility of delivery for today?
Answer: for sending items throughout Iran, if you purchase items before 16:00, your order will be delivered today.

11- is it possible to send flowers, cakes, and gifts to all of the cities on the site and you will send them to our desired address?
Answer: Currently, the Golbazar florist covers sending flowers, cakes, and gifts across Iran. for send flowers and cakes to the small cities and villages call us delivery and support.

12-my mom's birthday is on the holidays; do you send items on holidays?
Answer: Yes. We also send items on holidays, except for very special holidays such as Ashura Day in Iran. (Note: For cities other than Tehran and Karaj, it is not possible to deliver postal gifts on holidays.)

13-What do you do if the recipient is not at home?
Answer: on the billing page in the absence of the recipient, you can specify how your order will be delivered:

  • Delivered to the or guardian
  • Delivered to neighbor
  • leave it behind the apartment with my own responsibility
  • deliver again (at my own expense )
  • Contact before sending

14- I ordered a bouquet from your site, but now I want to change the message and the date of posting. What should I do?
Answer: If you need to make a change to your order, just email the [email protected] and submit your request. Do not forget to write your order number in the email.

15- How can I get a coupon discount?
Answer: If you have bought from the Golbazar florist so far, discount coupons for various occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year's Eve, Yelda’s Night, Valentine's Day, etc. will be sent to your email or on the social pages of the Golbazar.

16-Can I send my gift or flower anonymously?
Answer: Yes. Everything you type in the message field on the billing page will be delivered to your order, which you can write nothing in the "From" side of the field. In the description also specify that your name is not told to the recipient.

17-Is it possible to specify the delivery time for sending items abroad?
Answer: No There is no possibility to specify the delivery time, except for sending to countries like the UAE and Turkey, which in the description of the products, there is the option to set the delivery time.

18- how can I use my points?
Answer: You can use your points on your cart page.

19- Do all your gifts, including flowers and cakes, have a one-week return guarantee?
Answer: No, Flowers and cakes do not have a returning warranty, you can see which gifts have returning warranty in the terms and conditions.

20-Can I order flowers or cakes other than things that are available on the site?
Answer: No, You can only select and order samples from the site.

21-today is my daughter's birthday and I want to order a cake. Can you write a sentence on the cake?
Answer: On the site, there are some cases that are available for writing text on them. There is no way to write text for other cakes.

22-I want to order for today, but the date is closed. What can I do?
Answer: You can call the Golbazar support and, if possible, will guide you to order your desired items.

23-will the information that I entered on your website be secured?
Answer: Yes. We will not share your information without your consent with anyone, even the recipient.