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Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant

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Buy and send Anthurium Plant or Laceleaf, a popular plant for offices and especially popular for their withstand in low light situations. Laceleaf is comprised of bright green spade-shaped and shiny leaves and a stand-out “flower” of bright red, yellow, or pink. This flower is not technically a flower, but part of the spathe. Also known as Flamingo Flower, Tail Flower, and Painted Tongue Plant, this plant will grow to be around 12-15 inches in height, and grows in a habit much like a standard garden flowering plant – leaves and spathes grow vertically from the ground on stems. Laceleaf is not pet or people safe (they are poisonous to both, so keep them out of reach of curious paws and tiny hands), but it is said to aid in purifying the air around it. Laceleaf will only “flower” if placed in bright, indirect sunlight, but it can survive in lower levels of light as well.

The plant vase size approximately is 50 centimeters in height.
The plant contains a clay vase.
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Care Instructions
Light: Laceleaf prefers bright indirect light. A curtain-filtered sunny window is perfect. Protect the plant from direct sunlight to avoid scorching of the leaves.
Water: Keep soil moist at all times for Laceleaf during the growing season but reduce watering in the cold season to maintain the soil slightly moist.
Temperature: Average warmth with a minimum of 150C is ideal for Laceleaf. Protect it from cold draughts.

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